Well, I can talk all I want about my Visits.

Where have we been? What did you have to say?

Birthday Party:

Dear Valerie

Now that things have settled down I
wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU

for the most awesome party! My
little guy was thrilled and still raves about it.

All of the guests
were amazed, and loved the whole hands on experience.

professionalism was top notch,

and I am so glad we went with the one
and only, true, Snake Lady!

Once again, many, many thanks.


London, ON

Elementary School:


"The Snake Lady made a visit to Holy Cross
Elementary school, where she spent a full day
showing her friends to all students and staff to


"Val Williams - A.K.A.- 'The Snake Lady" made a visit to Notre Dame Elementary school, where she spent the full day teaching about her reptiles, amphibians and invertebrate friends for all the students, staff and teachers to enjoy,"

London District Catholic School Board

Birthday Party:

"Once again, you did not fail to thoroughly entertain the children! How you keep a bunch of wild young boys attentive and interested for well over an hour is beyond me!

Our youngest visitor was 3, and our oldest guest, her 78 year old grandmother was just as facinated, I couldn't believe she held a snake!

We've had other "Animal Birthday Shows" come to our Parities in the past, but they seemed to just want to leave as soon as they arrived, too short and too expensive.

Val, you really know how to keep the kids interested and your pet are so very friendly and unusal too!

Thanks again



Shelly & Robert, relatives & friends."

London, ON

Birthday Party:

"Hi Val,


Thanks again for coming to the party. 

The children really enjoyed
meeting your pets and they learned some new things. 

My boys said the
party was "awesome". 



The Willoughby family"

Paisley Beeffest, Civic Holiday, Annual Visits:

"Hey Val just wanted to say thanks for your GREAT
show again this year!"

President, Paisley Beeffest

Rogers Halloween Event at The Children's Safety Village, Annual Visits:

many guests to our annual Village Spooktacular Halloween event,

The Snake Lady
is the highlight of their visit.  It's such great fun to watch children

they get to experience hands-on time with snakes, spiders and lizards. 

education that Val Williams gives the children along with the fun

is very
valuable as it's important children learn to care for the inhabitants of

Canadale Nurseries, St. Thomas, ON, Regular Visits:

"As always, it was wonderful to have you here again and we hope to have you
back again.

You present a wonderful opportunity for knowledge and the ability to
live in harmony with our animals.

I wish you all the

University of Western Ontario, 15+ years of visiting:

Excerpts :

"Snake lady" charms Western audience

 As part of Environmental
Awareness Week at Western, the "snake lady" charmed students with her
exotic pets yesterday, while also providing information on increasing
environmental awareness.

Williams said she is not impressed with the way cold-blooded mammals
are treated in general, especially in comparison to their warm-blooded
counterparts. During the presentation, she tried to dispel myths
surrounding cold-blooded mammals and discussed the need to protect them
as their populations dwindle."

Another Article:

"Val Williams, better
known as the Snake Lady, appeared in the University Community Centre
atrium yesterday as part of Environmental Awareness Week.

She had a wide variety of creatures to show curious students.

The presentation outlined important environmental lessons.

Whether students
find the presentation cool or gross, either way, it draws attention to
the week,

said Nicole Nelson, University Students' Council VP-campus

"She's absolutely fabulous. She's great."

Annual Visits to Fairmont Public School, Earth Day Extravaganza:

"Being kind to Earth

Fairmont pupils learn about treating planet with respect


Squeals of horrified delight filled the air at a London school
yesterday, as pupils held snakes,dug for worms and touched dead fish .

It was all to celebrate Earth Week at Fairmont public school
where, for this Earth Day Extravaganza, pupils could choose to take in
two of 12 workshops put on by local environmental groups, scientists
and animal enthusiasts.

"Ewwwwww" could be heard all the way down the hall from the
room where London's Snake Lady, Val Williams, entertained children with
her collection of snakes, spiders and reptiles.

"Please don't kill spiders," she urged the pupils, from kindergarten to Grade 6.

"They are vital to the survival on this planet," she said.

The kids took turns holding snakes, including a ball python.

The idea of Earth Day Extravaganza was to get kids thinking
about the importance of being kind to the environment, said teacher
Laura McKay.

"The Snake Lady talks about keeping the environment safe, the
fish people talk about the importance of keeping water clean, and it
all leads to our Earth Day session (today) when we will be picking up
garbage," she said."

Wellesley-North Easthope Fall Fair

"Wellesley-North Easthope Fall Fair organizers are continuing with a
green theme for this year's event,

this time focusing on another
natural element we all need to survive -- air.

"Everyone is concerned about their carbon footprint," says fair board
secretary Mary Lichty,

who worked with directors to create an itinerary
built around the theme.

London, Ontario's Val Williams, also known as the Snake Lady, will
bring her menagerie of scaly,

hairy and slimy creatures for a hands-on
children's show at 2 p.m. on Wednesday.

Lichty says Williams' knowledge of animals and the ecological impact
of humans on the environment

is an important part of her exhibit. It's
also a lot of fun.

"It's a very hands on interactive event for kids," Lichty says."

Castle Kilbride Twilight Family Night event, Baden, ON. Annual Visits:

Baden_Kid_w_spider.jpeg"Spidey senses tingling, Nikola Kovac, 5, of Baden, holds a curly-haired

Snake Lady Val Williams brought an assortment of reptiles,
snakes and spiders to Baden for kids to meet."

London Public Libraries, March Break & Summer Sessions to most London Branches for 15 years:



Kid Zone: Many, Many Visits: