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  The Snake Lady's fun & educational Shows have been a hit
  in London and surrounding Southwestern Ontario for over 40 years!

The Snake Lady will take you on a trip around the world showing you
animals found as close as your own backyard to as far away as Australia!

You can expect to visit with and learn about a variety of animals including
many different species of Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, Tortoises, Treefrogs, African Bullfrogs,
Salamanders, Tarantulas, Hissing Cockroaches, Giant Millipedes and many more!

Never has teaching our children (and grownups) about saving both our planet
and the incredible creatures that roam it, been more important.

Her unique, fun and interactive approach to Eco-Education has been a hit with kids
from 3 to 103 through the years.

Her dynamic Parties and Presentations are Supervised HANDS ON,
Interactive, thoroughly educational and, of course FUN!

A visit from the Snake Lady will give your guests a once in a lifetime opportunity
to meet her unusual and very special animal friends!


These presentations have been given to:

Smile School Classes
Smile YMCA's
 Smile School Fairs  Smile Fairs
 Smile Universities
 Smile Community Events
 Smile Summer Camps  Smile Company Parties
 Smile Day Camps
 Smile Fundraisers
 Smile Birthday Parties
 Smile Daycare Centres
 Smile Campgrounds
 Smile Libraries
 Smile Seniors' Residences
 Smile Conservaions Areas
 Smile Special Needs Groups  Smile Provincial Parks
 Smile Scouts & Guides
      Beavers & Brownies
 Smile and Many, Many More

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  • SCHOOL FAIRS  are Display Only.
We should be alone in a separate classroom with your door person supervising
the numbers entering at a time. Never in a gym with all your other entertainment.

  • I am willing to do Three Formal Presentations maximum at any Appearance.*
*Educational visits to School Classes are excluded.
I will do Presentations for your individual classes throughout a school day or half day.

  • Hands-On Displays and Presentations are Separate Occasions.
I highly recommend you choose one or the other.
I rarely combine the two. You will be hiring me for two separate and very different formats.