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 Birthday Party Information
Cute_snake_cartoon.jpgAlways fun, always safe and always memorable,                                     
The Snake Lady is proud to deliver the best in Reptile Parties!

Average length of a Reptile Show: 1-1.5 hrs BALLOONS.jpg

Cute_snake_cartoon.jpgPets Mrs. Williams brings:
(these are all her own pets, attendance is subject to slight changes):

Lots of Snakes:Corn Snakes; adults & babies, Ball Pythons; adult & baby, Milk/King Snakes.  A Bearded Dragon Lizard, Box Turtle(s), a Tortoise, Treefrogs, African Bullfrog(s), Tarantula(s), and any creepy crawlies around at the moment, (most insects are full grown adults when acquired and have a short live span, they are purchased as adults).

None of these animals bite or are aggressive in any way, except for the African Bullfrog, which is under the strict supervision of Val, who feeds him a couple worms, he's really funny to watch and e
very one has a great laugh! The snakes don't bite and they are not venomous. Also, we have no large (potentially dangerous) snakes. Do not hire The Snake Lady if you are expecting a 15 foot Python!

• She will feed a snake too if your kids are into it, let her know.

• If you would prefer not to have a species visit, let us know and they can have the day off. ie. tarantulas (some people are scared of them.. really :)


10-15 minutes to unload the car and organize the pets is she all she needs. When the animals arrive, it is exciting for everyone! We understand that the guests will want to rush over to take a peek, but we ask that an adult occupy the children elsewhere while we unload and set-up, perhaps with a craft or activity away from the presentation area. After the animals are safely situated, we’ll be ready to start with a smile!

A room with a carpeted floor is usually fine for all. We just need a floor space big enough for all the audience to sit in a big horseshoe shape, either on the floor or in chairs. Party_Pets_Circle.jpg

Most parents simply push back tables and couches and clear some floor space—you do not need to cover your carpets, we don’t make a mess! Most party hosts simply use their family room or living room. 

You supply a low chair for Val where she sits behind, she brings her special animal cloths that are spaced between her and the children, sometimes she shows her pets on a coffee table, whatever suits your home the best.

Summer: Outside weather permitting, 17-25 Celsius in the shade, no rain. Have indoor accommodations available if weather becomes a factor.

For obvious reasons, guests may not have party favors, food or drink in the presentation area. If there are household pets, please be sure they are secured and out of view and earshot of the presentation area.

The Show:

She shows the animals individually, on her cloths (the pets do not wander), & feeds some of them (they're really funny, everyone laughs and roots on for their favourite!). Mrs. Williams talks about each animal, where they come from, answers questions, etc.
They can pet the turtles, hold a spider (very supervised... dropped spider = dead spider), etc. if they choose to do so.

Then come the snakes that she talks about,and after, the kids can pet some of these & hold them under supervision, if they would like to, (and, if they listen and abide to the instructions on how to properly hold them. A Dropped or squeezed snake = dead snake).
The animals are completely enclosed in their travel containers, until they are brought out by Mrs. Williams.

50% deposit required prior to Event.
Balance Due upon Date of Service.
Changes may change Quoted Fees.

Please Note: The Maximum number of Participating Attendees for
The Snake Lady Birthday Party Entertainment is 15 Persons of any age. WE ENFORCE MAXIMUM GUEST COUNTS — more guests overly stresses our animals and makes it difficult for us to maintain a safe, yet fun, party. Animal parties do seem to bring out every uninvited sibling and neighbor — so, to help you manage the size of your party, we encourage you to add the following statement to your invitation:

    "Due to The Snake Lady's size restrictions, please do not bring additional guests."

8-10 children is the best for my format. More children = less interaction with my pets.

A Participating Attendee is a person of any age wishing to be entertained by my show, & interacting with my pets, as I do parties for all ages.

What if I’m planning for a larger party?

Over 15 Persons is considered an Event and alternative arrangements are required prior to booking, i.e. I require my assistant. Let me know your numbers when you submit the Contact Form below.

Can extra parents and other adults just watch?

Parents and other adults are welcome to stay and watch, but they too must follow the same rules, and are not included in the “interactive” count. They should be seated; not coming-and-going or opening and closing doors that can startle the animals. Chatting adults sometimes don’t realize they are disrupting the program and are making it hard for the guests to hear and for the presenter to speak over them. Please inform your adult guests that they are welcome to watch, but that chatting should be kept to a minimum. If your adult guests would like to share in conversation, please provide another area for them to visit. Our presenter will handle the animal’s behavior, but we respectfully ask that you handle the guests!

Can younger children participate?

Party programs are designed for children 5 years and older. We understand that younger siblings and relatives may be present, so we do allow children 3 years old and older to participate. We require 3 and 4-year olds to sit with an adult. Children younger than 3 years are not to be included and should not be present in the animal area. If you expect party guests younger than 3 years old, please provide them with a quiet play area away from the presentation space and inform the parents of its location prior to our arrival.

What about special needs guests?

Your special needs guests are more than welcome to attend. We request that you privately inform the presenter of their seating location, so we can politely assist them if needed.


For Birthday Parties, I am willing to travel 45kms from N.W. London.

You supply transportation: as Mrs. Williams does not drive herself, she lives off of Oxford Street West & Sanatorium Road.

Any size vehicle is just fine, the containers are stackable on back seats.


Mrs. Williams locates transportation to & pickup to be quoted.


Please note: Our Turtles and Tortoise are Land animals, and do not carry the high Salmonella risk that concern some people. This is carried mainly by aquatic reptiles that live with their feces, and are not cleaned properly. All animals can carry Salmonella, even dogs, cats and people! We require all party guests to wash their hands with soap & water right after the Animal Presentation at your party. Again, no food or drinks while touching any pet.

Please provide your location, dates & times and total number of people at your Party.

Again, the more people you invite, the less holding & interaction will occur with my pets.